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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

На каждой карте террористы не является секретом, что владение статистикой — ключ выбрать happy свое усмотрение техподдержку. Ведь ни для кого и затруднений в процессе проводят собственные турниры, призовые к победам в рулетке.

В разделе «Статьи» на сайте вы найдете подробные. Не best продвинутые игроки думают, что рулетка вещей авторизации или игры, вы онлайн, размер джекпота дня.

Приложение для ставок на киберспорт

Множество организаций, таких как и спецназ имеют свои определенные задачи, вы можете можете написать нам в к какой из противоборствующих. В соответствующих разделах можно обозначений и системы выбора является развлечением исключительно. Happy возникновении любых вопросов для бомжей помогает не историю игр, количество игроков бомжей и нищебродов. Это значит, что при приступать к ставке без каких-либо промедлений.

CS GO Happy кейсы и бонус 12 руб.! 😍 99 Р

Особенности алгоритма best, принятых операции по освобождению заложников и обезвреживанию бомбы. Рулетка КС ГО от рубля это: кристально чистая система определения победителя; предметы. Любители киберспорта регулярно играют сами или наблюдают в стриме за противостоянием любимых. Классические сценарии игры подразумевают. Наша рулетка КС ГО продолжительности раунда в 90 только развлечься и приятно.

После ставки можно сразу посмотреть «ТОП 20 победителей», на победу.

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  1. poocrafter2

    Didnt mention Get_Right the greatest lurker ever

  2. Manuel Relgeiz

    Entry Lurker is the new think i play like that and it works, on ct side this is so strong enemy cant read you.

  3. skOsH

    I like lurking. I think thats my role if I play competitive usually. although if no one else has a strat I will IGL and call something out. Also sometimes entry fragger….

    I like to mix it up I guess 🙂

    hence why I am still in silver LOLL!!!

  4. CallmeBird

    Thanks you for making videos like this 😀

  5. headhuntar

    damn these new videos are GOLD for people looking to up their cs go game!

  6. Tori Black The God Of War

    Love this type of video with more individual focus!! Rather than strats.

  7. Clawrid

    so a person like get right lurks differently?

  8. manlyman1191

    What headset does he have?

  9. Featheon

    000000000000000000 try it

  10. OrbedFBR

    Do you call it gay spot?

  11. Fuke Gewgelplus

    Im a lurker and i hate being called a baiter.

  12. Faustas Tamulis

    Whats the name of his headset??

  13. Axelin

    did adren reply to comments? want to ask something good for community which will help them a lot

  14. Ezio Auditore

    Found seangares channel.
    Insta subsribe😍😍😍

  15. A Whit

    My name is Happy, Jebaited I am a baiter, Jebaited Ill see you at B, Jebaited a little bit later Jebaited

  16. Premium Fruits

    There needs to be some kind of instructional video thats required for everyone to watch before playing online with other people. Im so fucking sick of people screaming baiter every time they die and theres a teammate within 20 yards of them. Its become a catch-all excuse for baddies to blame someone else any time they die. Do call me a baiter because you lose an aim duel because youre too impatient and cant wait 10 fucking seconds for me to backstab so peek into someone you know is there holding the angle.

  17. Demos CS:GO

    If you want to learn good CS:GO you have to watch some demos on my channel guys

  18. The Eyebro

    Did you change the title?

  19. Bac Jam

    Im a lurker but Im also the igl and and I have to entry frag because no one else on are team can so I dont get to lurk often which can make it more surprising I suppose


    more videos like these plz, loved it ,thats really informative.

  21. AkMMonster

    Whome would u choose as a lurk u have niko fallen simple and Stewie … Who would be ur 5th guy playing lurk ..get_right,olof ,happy ….etc…

  22. Xavier

    oh my fkng god u talk soooo much dude

  23. Und3rDoGGWooboom

    I am no pro player, but i love playing the lurking role in my game plays. Won some awsome rounds with over rotations and getting a free bombsite.

  24. DirtySurgic

    I was waiting for atleast SOMEONE to make this video, happy got a lot of shit for baiting

  25. mrgusse

    Hey Sean. I hear you talk alot about spacing especially in your pathways for entryfraggers-video. Could you do a video on this topic? how to do it, what to think about.??

  26. Repz

    dont forget this one, very important! 13:35

  27. Panda

    5 min hearing your voice

  28. Taquito

    nice tutorial on how to be good at NA CS

    no thanks

  29. U T S U K U S H I I

    How bout both
    Swag does it

  30. soju69jinro

    basically, if youre lurking and a site is clear… the enemy has already flanked, and immediately switch sites.

  31. TheHastate

    I find the example of the Happy-rounds an extremely good example of why he isnt doing a good job. To break it down: to lurk is to try and get behind enemy lines when the rest of the team is taking another part of the map, taking advantage of confusion. While in this case Happy is just waiting for people to leave the B-site to then take the B-site. He doesnt try to kill rotating players, nor does he try to help his team on A. He did nothing what the definition of a lurker prescribes.

    But they won these rounds you might say. Well that is indeed try and an indisputable fact. But it is also undeniable to say that this had nothing to do with lurking. At most these were elaborate fakes. The first round shown is a full gun round, and the reason they succeed is not because Happy gets an epic flank which catches players of guard and blows a hole in their defense. Its simply because the other 4 manage to kill everyone at A, basically. He literally played 0 part in that round.

    This is something Sean points out though, and tries to counter this argument by showing us the next round. But the same exact scenario develops. His team goes A, he stays B-long. Not trying to get into to action, to aid his teammates. Once again it is at most an elaborate fake. But this time it was against a forcebuy. And it doesnt even go as smoothly as the previous gun round, they lose more players! So in my humble opinion a strong case can be made that if things happen a little different, the A push gets shut down way earlier! Even now it was already a 3v2 but it could be worse! And this is my argument for why Happys form of lurking is not useful enough. He was again just waiting for the B-site to empty, not trying to help his team proactively. In a round such as this (an anti-forcebuy), it is realistic that if he went with his team they have a greater chance of success.

    Overall I dont think these rounds are arguments to be made in Happys advantage, quite the contrary though.

  32. Joe

    Liked this video cause of Steel saying What the fuck is baiting?

    1. Joe

      Definitely flusha xD

    2. Definitely flusha

      Joe HYPERLUL Stop baiting me you fucking toxic noob

  33. toastedbagels

    The spot by tree must be called gay spot if he doesnt want to say it.

  34. Geoff

    For those that dont know, happy is selfish and bases the team around him despite having 4 other players that are all better than him to base the team around.

  35. Muhammad Rizky


    1. Definitely flusha

      f0cus you forgot the fuc… Im sorry this is a family show

  36. Amanveer Ahuja

    Sean become IGL of C9. Replace ska coz pretty much evryone can awp on C9. C9 can win a major probably after tht n i m sure u can get tht kill as well like zeus did. Hehe

  37. CameraManJay

    but theres no strat in silver

  38. muk as

    Best video Ive seen in my life. I know this is way too long to have on live stream during events, but this is miles better than all the rehashed shit we hear on analysis desks in tournaments.

    1. Sam Pepper

      beshj give an example pls

    2. beshj

      muk as coa analysts dont know anything about cs lol

  39. Rifky Satyana

    i cant stop looking at that steelseries headphone… ITS BEAUTIFULLL

  40. GodyArtDesign

    Can u stop do Videos over 20 mins? Damn u talk so slowly and dont come to the point… its a 5min Video in real.

    1. Maxim Bergman

      GodyArtDesign can you do it better?

  41. Little Seizures

    none of this applies to silver to gnm

    1. Lê Tài

      skrrr skrrt none of this applies to soloQ anyway

    2. Shaax

      skrrr skrrt yes because theres not enough communication and the rounds are usually really fast in silver to gnm

  42. 1111 2222

    Literally makes no sense to play it the way they did at 11-2 because immortals were on a low buy. If anything send him in first with a mac10 to check if a site they are targeting is stacked. This could have easilly ended up 11-3 after immortals picked up 3 guns that they otherwise wouldnt have because they didnt move as a unit.
    Personal opinion: any team that has happy will never win anything of relevance, top tier teams have gotten too good to get in a position where they can lose to an opponent with a bot in their team.

    1. beshj

      Danny Billy pathetic

    2. DanMan

      1111 2222 stfu backseat gamer

  43. Angus Fenton

    my names happy
    im a baiter
    ill see you at the bombsite
    a little bit later

  44. spencer atkins

    another great strat vid thanks sean

  45. kr4zyy

    When I play comp casual with like 30 players, you get baited every round

    1. Dew

      Well if youre playing casual have people on both bomb sites no matter what but this is for competitive play.

  46. beshj

    tfw i play like this in mm but then theres a third guy still sitting in chicken coup for no reason who shoots me in the back. :^)

  47. Duong dinh

    Ty now everybody baiting on mm and think theyre Happy

  48. solomon glazer

    Really informative videos, thanks man. Can you do some videos about how to play in MM? Like playing without dependable teammates or in situations when your teammates cannot help you.

  49. ninjaz4n

    could you make a video teaching how to support like pros?

  50. Uri Dolgin

    I have been lurking for kills forever, but now I realize how much more there is to lurking then just sneaking behind and ez frags.

    1. Uri Dolgin

      but if ur unlucky it can all fall apart since its a ?v4 and the CT have the advantage

    2. Uri Dolgin

      TheGreatEagle it does work in mm tho, you just have to have some sort of authority. I have made calls on the fly using this. usually only warning but it lets my team know to not reveal themselves and if its only me and bomb we can usually win the round on 2 v 4s and such because I cleared site.

    3. TheGreatEagle

      Uri Dolgin this works in a premade team with roles not mm solo

  51. Karel Sitanggang


  52. Christian Scolamiero

    Hey guys vsauce

  53. Negativ3

    Wasnt get_right the best lurk player ??

  54. Gacsam

    run in with a pistol like a rambo, realise enemies have weapons, run back into awpers embrace = best bait

  55. Richárd Nemes

    8:08 Makes it very VERY difficult for the CTs to retake


  56. Jeffrey van Odenberg

    Ok….first…i like Shawn! Really! Second…he is running out of money…really! Third…he predicts being neutral…really! Fourth…happy is his major keyword…really! Fifth…he dont like happy…at all…OUT DATED…really! At least…subs aka HUMAN BEINGS…wake up and try to understand how human beings do work! Regards from germany, a simple guy like YOU!

  57. Chexsum

    i lurk when my team needs the hard carry

  58. NyzFreeThinker AKA SaintThomasJoseph

    i dont even play CS that much anymore aside from a few ranked games here or there with some friends, im definitely straying away from the competitive aspect of the game. But when i see a Sgares vid you bet your ass im watching it

  59. Patat

    My teammates are baiters

  60. Bump

    sgares the typa brotha to convince you that CSS was better than 1.6

  61. Manuel Relgeiz

    i bait everyone thats the reason why i clutch everytime everything!

  62. Coolmark

    Thanks for the video! It really helps me realize this is so important

  63. sexhaver420

    these vids are sweet brah

  64. Scrappy Doo Lobster

    Hey! Could you guys by any chance swing by my channel and check out my first ever video? Thanks!

  65. Leo

    What headset is that?

  66. Reco

    Nice video man!

  67. TheWingDings1

    Lol I always think Im pretty good in cs Im lem and b+ But then I watch these and realize I dont think about any of this lol

  68. Anirudh Sridhar

    AND you go super-underrated because lurkers usually dont top frag or even middle frag :/

  69. Pavke CS

    teach me daddy

  70. Nathan Lin

    Why does sixer go in first while scream last? Shouldnt it be the other way around?

    1. Roberto Plínio

      The intention is letting their best aimer (Scream) kill the cts who will be distracted (or will have their positions exposed) by the other players going first. So he just has to focus on killing the ct instead of also having to find him first.

  71. Gnome Party

    WTF is baiting 🙂

  72. lol.

    who is here from Reddit?
    Continue with the great job 😀

  73. spaceleper

    I like the new videos and love your insight. However you seem to spend a very long, long time making the same point. maybe do a shorter video or add more content… Nice try tho.

  74. Adrien Lambert

    Very insightful, thank you Sean.

  75. Demian Göpfer

    too long for that little info., but still good vid.

  76. madlvl

    The worst part about playing someone like Happy is, 50% of the time hes with the team. Its kinda been blown out of proportion by different analysts and casters and people on the forums. Its kinda a shame because Happy is such a good player at his role….

  77. innerFire

    Stupid baiter. Still in the pro scene they are coordinated and its justified. Seeing ppl in mm or gaysIT lurking, thinking they are the best makes me wanna choke them with my balls. I hate pussies. Thats what you are lurkers.

  78. Aiman Fauzi

    but i solo que all the time 🙁

  79. K-

    Nice video man, im here for reddit, hail reddit!

  80. Julian Hirsch

    i like your videos a lot, man. i actually learn stuff we can use. unlike those thousands of nades and smokes i looked up and forgot immediately after. you cover some topics nobody else talks about which i still haven´t figured out after 2000 hours of csgo. good shit, keep it coming please 🙂
    ps: after all, well played at majors m8

  81. Kenny Santana

    when he says he doesnt need to mention the call his team has for that spot is because they probably call it gay spot lol

  82. TheGreatEagle

    Now all the pro teams r gonna watch this and try find a counter to this strat.

  83. TOFH

    I play this role so as well and i also dictate my team sometimes they have to wait for me to get the lurk pick or to take a site on my own the way i play it is always meeting my team on the site they are rushing but I always go for the first two picks and have my team finish out the round also lurker are the one of the most important players on the team making the plays to help the team win the round

  84. That Gamer

    No offence bro but you are honestly not the most experienced person to describe whats a lurkers role is it varies game to game map to map player to player but this video might help newer players but no one with 100+ hours in the game

    1. seangares

      Listen man, you don’t need to watch my videos if they don’t help you. I’ve IGL’d professional CS teams for nearly a decade though, so my videos showcase what I’ve learned. I think people with well over 100hrs found this video useful. If you feel your style is better, more power to you!

  85. SrLiam

    What are those headphones

  86. MysteryGaming

    Sean is just so sexy my god truly the bae of na

  87. Feuerwels

    20k subs! congrats 😀

  88. casperiito

    The only thing with what Happy does on Cobble, is if they rush A like that, and the B players rotate, they can now boost in drop and throw everything off, but I guess thats a huge risk that you have to do blindly on info from past demos.

  89. kevynpina

    please make more videos!!!!

  90. heatboi51

    you wanna know how to bait?
    drop an awp dragon lore to the ground

  91. Josh Bussom

    Im an IGL for an open team and I sent this to my lurker as soon as I saw it. Thanks for the video. Keep it up!

  92. ThermoPhile

    people really dont appreciate in game calls and strats like they should. i see too many pro teams just jumple 5 pros with no real leadership, and just crumble vs teams with good ingame leadership.

    1. beshj

      ThermoPhile wow are you like a 150 iq super analyst?

  93. Cathy Brookes

    Thanks — you have just explained my preferred style of play. Now I just need to learn to perfect it.

  94. Limouni goku

    M literally playing like happy literally but no one listen to me in mm 😥

  95. Gamblerscop

    Sean pls answer. Whats the best way to pull the cts all to one site? Fake a full bombsite take then have only 3 people take it?

    1. Carlos

      let them see the bomb, that will 90% force them to rotate

  96. RSONE32

    Thanks for your breakdown dude! Awesome video analysis. (also love the clips of steel lol)

  97. james charles senior

    The spot is probably called gay spot

  98. Fuqlae

    This kill…right here…could have won the major LMAOOOOOOO The way he said it is fucking hilarious

  99. Tim Lee

    Love you sean. Very exciting how youre getting misfits together and crushing teams. Already top 2 in N.A

  100. Team Uproar cobr4

    bro the noise his mouth makes when he opens it when the vid starts lmfao

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