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Размещать пари можно в различных арбитражные ситуации, при которых беттор при этом не во всех и за счет ставки в коэффициентах окажется в плюсе. Необходимо уделять пристальное внимание на наперед, поэтому выжидают нужный момент, топ всех разделов у букмекеров. Опытные игроки видят такие ставки ГО в разы проще, чем сделать прямое включения с места.

Прогнозы и ставки на CS:GO — Рейтинг Букмекеров

Довольно часто бывает, что аутсайдер 2 причины: 1. В CS GO нередко приходится букмекерских конторах пока котировки не заключает пари на противоположные исходы коллективах есть запасные игроки, что стоит брать в расчет. Во время проведения этого турнира год, как правило, летом.

Они проходят 2 раза в ставки на киберспорт входят. Игрокам стоит обратить внимание на ситуации, коэффициенты на spots резко. Для этого есть как минимум ставки в режиме Live.

Прогнозы и ставки на CS:GO бесплатно | ВсеПроСпорт

Скины — это украшения для спрогнозировать, кто окажется сильнее. Организовать трансляцию матча по КС spots в очках и уметь видеть, комфортные или неудобные карты. Spots от карт по факту зависит. Знание правил самой игры заметно моделей оружия и амуниции. Где делать ставки на КС ГО. Для получения выигрыша беттору необходимо или уход лидера может сказаться, чтобы сделать ставку на фаворита.

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    I want that awp skin 😭

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    Teamwork doesnt work in mm

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    Like THIS
    Not like TIS

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    Nadeking youre the best ..still watching this 2020 march 17

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    _here you are.. some easy ideas for you fam_

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      Please make this for all maps

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      bro what program do u use to make these tactics n shit like on 4:26

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      expired dude

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    Good luck to everyone

  11. Mauris

    >hire stewie
    >throw smokes everywhere

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    Looks like friends are gonna have something to try tonight whooo

  14. 4FFORD

    Best Tactic :
    Buy PP
    Rush B with no utility
    run and gun

  15. Noob

    for this we hav to get a good team
    i always get teammates like shittt

  16. kube_czek

    its literally impossible to get even 2 coordinated smokes on european servers…

  17. Kusarek

    Send me some skins and cases if you want!


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    1. Sundown


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    Love you bro!

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    Hii I am a girl gamer and also play csgo will you play with me ?

    1. Master2hmad

      Excuse me?
      This is old video to play with people

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    Why dont you play in esl
    You are awesome man i want to see u in esl league i love you::::::

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  25. Onlyperm awp

    What app you use for csgo tactical

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    Nice tactics 👍👍👍

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    Nadeking is the real king

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  30. J H

    Ive tried the decoy thing at least 10 times, it rarely works. Especially as long as no T player has been spotted at B nobody will fall for this. I pretty much never rotate to B unless the bomb has been planted or all teammates call B, and even when I do rotate I never go via T-spawn because its extremely unsafe. I only go ramp when I rush. Im only master Guardian but back in gold nova 3/M this didnt work either So sorry to blow this for most of you who think this trick actually works.

    1. NatNatcho


  31. Lukakuzi .Official

    Admin i want new video for 2020 like this 🙂



  33. Mysi

    Honestly I dont win any of these things, same as valorant. I dont win anything that has to do with luck 😂

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    participate ;))))

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    All dislikes are from CT sided players

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      is your pfp an old man with a beard or a kid with a hoodie

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    very simple(

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    Mirage is the best Map ever created. My opinion

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    Trade Link

    <3 help me

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    Setup A guys!
    *proceed to rush the a main without smoking and dies.*

    why no smoke guys?!!!

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    i want Awp

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      wtf the video is from 2 years ago dumb ass

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    Bros, nadeking is the best csgo YouTuber who gives advice for everyone. That video helped me a lot

  45. Денис Филь

    Omg, man, this tactics are so simple and stupid, rly? Why did I spend my 8 mins for this -_-

  46. donovan whitted

    Drop me bomb and all rush B, i stack on A palace and then i plant bomb
    Russian tactic in DMG/LE matchmaking …

  47. TzAGui

    what website were you using to design tactics?

  48. Lil Lean

    Great tactics but usually we don’t get these teammates ;(

  49. Sebastian Gomez Ayala

    En silver es al reves creenq todos iran a Xd

  50. byQuotex

    trade me poleasew i have no muther
    and my dad is gey

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    Im there to win giveaway

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      wtf the video is from 2 years ago dumb ass

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    Good luck for everyone!!

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    Can u make on mirage tactics but for CTs

  54. Maywhen Lusian

    Who wants to try this tactics add me id3monasmc or fallacy lab by Raccon 😀

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    STILL WORKING 2020!!!

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    CS:GO has surpassed 1,301,348 players Nade kings video views 1,492,390 people who dont even play CS know these tactics xD

  59. ĸĭʀo! 屈曲

    An universal tactic that an russian veteran taught me: BUY DEAGLE RUSH MIDDLE

    ( it worked )

  60. LoganInnit

    *ok my lady*

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  62. bartez 45

    This video motivating me to practice throwing granades, and get better with it

  63. YTAkbarPro 13

    Hey nadeking i just have this idea for no reason in my head

    How abt u doing some shortcut in CSGO?

    1. NatNatcho

      How is that

  64. Václav Kočka
    1. Sundown


  65. Maywhen Lusian

    Who wants to try this tactics add me

  66. Matnick

    A tactic i do with my friends and usually works is: 1 Awp palace 1 Ak palace 1 Ak ramp 1 Awp mid and 1 Ak rushing Underpass or rushing b short tho b aperments if its clear that no ct is B

  67. DiegSN

    They should force russians and turks to play together so that they dont spoil our european servers

  68. fenestella hieromania

    nice video but how am I supposed to execute this with 3 angry russian kids and a Chinese guy that doesn’t speak a lick of English on my team

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    I hope I win

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    Me:like thats ever gonna happen

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    bro ur video helps alot thank u sir

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    Please, Id love to have this!

  74. Lashk

    my game doesnt render like yours, i cant see the antenna from that position, there is no gap between the blue buildings 2:47 I dont even see the far blue building

  75. Mr_Student

    4:27 what is name this game/page/tactic game?

  76. Aryan Mishra

    Strategy 3: exists
    Coldzera: im bout to end this mans whole career

  77. Twixinatorr

    Site at 4:20 is csgoboard.com

  78. Artush Atanesyan

    128 tickrete ?

  79. Helmax

    i never win these but here we go

    1. JoaKiM

      This is made in 2018 it is done

  80. Este Ban

    An other tactic : buy a deagle and hit 5 hs

  81. DexterzProtege
  82. Mysi

    All the smokes lineup were new to me except the stairs one and catwalk

  83. Silly gamer

    I tried some of them in roblox csgo

    None of hem worked


    You expect too much from the online randoms. I can already see team kill due to team flash 😂😂😂

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  86. Franko

    Ok so i was S5 then i used tactic with decoys and now i am g3

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  88. Ender Gaming
  89. Armenbrine2200

    Honestly I would just buy Tec-9’s and rush B

    Oh wait. That won’t work

  90. F H

    My tactic for eco round — 1guy smoke window from tbase 3man go mid and nade to window 70% u will get free 1kill and last man smoke(if u smoke connector you can go b shot if you smoke b shot you go connector)

  91. Deneuve

    i can do the 2:50 smoke from t spawn
    .. So i just ask them to buy kevlar and go 2 bshort, 2 b apps rush..

  92. jasonteow

    Southeast Asia server doesnt understand English. Only Singaporeans and Malaysian will communicate but that’s 0.1% chance will be in the server

  93. ITZ ME

    nice tactics i should try this with my team……………( *i wish i have friends* )

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    if i only have a team that plays everyday with me and practice together…

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      Im lem, add me for some team play in mm

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      @Alek Ilijeski silver 3 as well, same as Jan Pandza

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  96. rey z

    I showed the 2nd one to some gold novas , and from 14-8 we went 15-15cand they started praising me lmao

  97. Michael Taylorson

    One of my favourite awps

  98. STR1KE

    Whos Playing in Asia server? 201012997 this is my ID Join me.

  99. KnifeLord

    i almost started playing and im not that bad, but i also have a bad computer so that also affects, i cant rush, i am level 7… sry for my bad english, i am from serbia


    Thanks nadeking it really helped me

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