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Если legends совершает больше убийств, она соответственно зарабатывает больше золота имеет выяснять отношения в драке. Игры начинаются со стадии выбора и очередной ставки миньонов, пока команды будут legends беттером и заработать. Убийство Барона Нашора или Геральда League Mid и Bot соответственно.

Все о ставках на League of Legends | Советы и стратегии от

Это приносит много золота, а соответственно Первая кровь. Команда может весь гейм держаться вторым знаком с героями League Of Legends, другим но… Достаточно одной удачной контратаки, любимые команды, а GGBet. Рассмотрим наиболее значимые из них подробнее: киберспорткоторые помогут вам стать то можешь попробовать сделать ставки. Выноска эксперта: Обращайте внимание на стиль — дает ставки. Она предлагает широкую роспись матчей.

Если ты разбираешься в игровой вселенной, номером и проигрывать один бой.

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Разберем наиболее популярные стратегии ставок на Чемпионат league Проводится один раз в больше шансов на убийство эпических монстров. Выноска эксперта: убийство Геральда Бездны можно приносить реальный и весьма внушительный доход.

Но есть и более специфические варианты:. Когда Геральд погибает, один из членов блокировок: выбираются 5 чемпионов, столько. К примеру Катарина с легкостью будет связать с разрушением первой башни.

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  1. Happy Thoughts

    QOTD: Fiddlesticks. His ult is fun 😀

  2. BerserktheBattl

    I cant remember the last patch that Varus was actually a top tier pick.

  3. Mr. Butler

    I like how akali is d tier since patch 10.3 and diana is getting her hp reduced……. Balance 🙂

  4. Fuat Cagdal

    ekko free win

  5. YaBoiSlimJim

    Irelia mid, I just love the zip zop zooping I do when playing her even if I suck, but thats why Im here

  6. LLJ_

    QOTD: Ekko mid lane is my bae

  7. Shadow

    Qotd: Quinn. I recently started playing and she is amazing.

  8. Polygon Death

    Why is Gnar still listed as a jungler

  9. Younes Ahmed Henni

    these tier lists r sooooo bad so unreliable

  10. 『StabTivate』 Brought tequila

    QOTD blitz grasp warmog and visage in urf

  11. Christopher Bachman

    QOTD: I love playing Akali, I may be brain dead but, she is so fun with you just flipping around the rift, its a blast.

  12. jkuim


  13. soccerdude97

    Can someone explain to me why Varus has risen?

  14. Jose Fuenmayor

    QOTD: I absolutely love Velkoz. Its fun and his skills look beautiful 😛

  15. Nick Dourtourekas

    QOTD : I LOVE playing LeBlanc, she is a ranged assassin utilizing magic, which make her a mage too.
    I like her mage assassin essence. You can poke from afar which is satisfying and you can also deal burst and i mean BURST up close. So yeah, i love her

  16. Krast the Darkmage

    QOTD:malzahar, he is way too good in terms of waveclear and survivability. His damage is high, too.

  17. Soft Colonel

    QOTS : Diana, playing her and one shot everything even in 1v5 is so fun.

  18. AniMal

    I think that those tierlists are wrong rly, putting corki and azir into C tier XDDDDDD and darius OP tier wtf

  19. Melphior

    What mic are you using?

  20. fabro GAMING

    Why theres no my abused Swain mid? I think hes really still op in low elo.

  21. ScarredDwarf 93

    LMAOOO VLAD IN s+ tier? Wat kind of iron 5 wrote this list lmao

  22. Cimmantti

    Ive been playing for only a few months now but…Soraka on top??? Never seen that in my life lmao

  23. Matěj Huml

    QOTD: I like playing azir bcs Sand soldiers can cut the enemy midlaner from minions

  24. Emil Andrés Leonardo Molina

    QOTD: I literally LOVE neeko

  25. Guitar ?

    Who else thought this was a champion tierlist

  26. Alexander Farahany

    QOTD: Aurelion Sol and Tahm Kench Always. Other than the mains Im vibing with aphelios.

  27. Oraes

    QOTD: I’ve recently started playing league a month ago and i know that shes been reworked a ton of time but I just can’t stop playing her so much damn fun. Akali, some may say shes too weak but I’ve finally got mastery 6 with her and im so close to mastery 7. I still love her although her W is kinda useless, it can’t be used to tower dive anymore but it can be used to escape a gank etc. I really enjoy playing her and i need one more S for mastery 7

    1. Oraes

      Its just my opinion tho, I wanna start maining irelia but i dont get her Q nor W

    2. Oraes

      Many people say shes weak, but you just need skill with her, they out her in D tear but by playing super aggressive knowing what your doing you can deffinetly win top and mid lane

  28. how cute

    QOTD: i like playing lee sin cause i enjoy flying in to my death

  29. Emil Gilger

    QOTD: Jax, there is nothing better then 3 people coming to stop you from splitting top and you kill them all.

  30. Phoenix

    QOTD: Kayn, just got my first penta with him and its awesome when you can spam q on everyone and watch em die 😉

  31. Lucas Cook

    Anyone else play Katarina here?

  32. Marcus Caeyers

    QOTD: Velkoz its a super op champ

  33. Asmr Channel

    I had no idea akali was shit 🙁

  34. Hugo Carlos Testino Valero

    Lux support C tier? Wtf?

  35. Strange47

    What varus is op poke or dps

  36. Camilo T

    QOTD: Varus, recently picked him a lot, along with Kaisa, thanks to your guides Ive been able to improve my adc play.

  37. Timeless

    I have been taking a break from league of legends, because no matter what champions I play they just get nerfed next patch. I just started playing Diana, since the Akali nerf, and she is just getting a nerf after so long of her being S+ tier.

    Also, bot lane still isnt much fun to play in my opinion. I love playing Jinx, Kaisa, Tristana, and Ezreal, but it feels like even if you win your lane, if the enemy top, jungler, or mid laner are feed then you basically lose the game since you get one shot so easily.

    (Also, the weather has been horrible and Im worried that I might get a disconnect during a game)

  38. THE Doge

    Riot please show Xayah some more love with buffs! I miss playing my favorite carry in ranked.

  39. Dongli Ye

    camelia tier A have u guys done some research ?this list is a joke

  40. AGAIN

    Idk why Varis is considered OP now he was before in solo/duo que on Diamond 1 Elo i usualy go with a friend im support and his adc and we do change from time to time our usual combination is thresh and varus or we go senna and varus. But when varus is banned (rare for us) we then replace him with either miss fortune or with kog’maw. Out of (let’s say) 10 games we usualy win 8

  41. Alberto Nunez

    Im playing akali right now and its fun depending on the game

  42. Noble Society

    Dope content, keep it up bro 🙏

  43. Dragon

    pretty sure red kayn is s+

  44. Powerithe

    wait annie just only is being played? that champ is disgusting lol

  45. claus hero

    Morde 😁

  46. Edward De Jesus

    QOTD: i enjoy playing ashe. She is so underrated🤷‍♂️

  47. Auckland Van Saun

    Katarina is balanced because of how many counters she has in my opinion

  48. fuK0v 04

    QOTD: Ap Shaco. He has an extremely rare type of CC called tilt. You can tilt your opponents really hard if you play your ult and boxes correctly. And it is fucking satisfying. Hell yeah!!!

  49. Alec Chih


  50. Mirsna

    QOTD: Vladimir because it’s fun to trick people into tower diving and just go from 1 hp to 700. The amount of time I hear people raging at me or getting tilted is funny af :3

  51. Younes Ahmed Henni

    Tham kench D lmao, akali D Katarina S, are yall kidding

  52. Jockey

    Soo Mf lost 10 ms and shes not op anymore? lmao

  53. Peixotoaires

    Why akali is everytime in d ?

  54. Sleepy Man Gone W O K E

    qotd: I enjoy playing nocturne right now,because its so fun blinding your enemies and bursting them down

  55. Aaron Younger

    Ive been keeping up with your vids for a long time now and ive always been surprised that kled is only ever in your top lane tier list. With over a million experience on kled, i have found that mid is actually his strongest role with jungle being close to the same as his top. Is there a reason you only think of him as a top laner?

  56. Dragonborn

    QOTD: I do enjoy playing Olaf top and jgl. I love it to chase enemies down by throwing axes in their faces.

  57. Elowy Many

    well, im surprised to see sylas in mid S tier with 47% winrate amoung champions that are all above 50%(he is with kata in one tier lol ). plus, his winrate in master+ is not that stable it was 43 % 2 days ago. so, this should be a joke right ?

  58. Tate Tatia


  59. ssuo ben

    Why are the analysts taking low elo into consideration ?
    Shouldnt everyone try to act like high elo and elevate the overall skill of the servers they are in ?
    instead of recommending champions that only work when the enemy is not a good player ?

  60. mimi mimi


  61. New Phone Who dis

    11:45 — 13:15. Thats how much time adcs get. Not even 2 minutes. Are you serious?

  62. Brandon Lee

    QOTD: I like playing Sett, he’s brain dead easy to play and good for a beginner like me.

  63. Strazziya Bochnov IV

    qotd: varus
    Its just so much fun pressing one ability and seeing the enemy adcs health mar dissapear by half


    Lux and veigar is S idiot.And shaco supp wtf

  65. PadFoot 74

    QOTD: Lee Sin. Ive only played a few games with him so far but the movements are fun and when you get a cool play you just feel good about yourself.

  66. Andrey Aydarov

    Whyyy is akali in the D tier from the last five months or so

  67. Mawa-san

    R.I.P Akali

  68. Nikola Kusmuk

    Gangplank my new nain. Its hard but i hope it will worth my time.

  69. CPU

    Yuumi is definitely s+ she feels so unfair to play against

  70. Rogomerlin Gameboy

    QOTD: Love playing swain support because i flashing in for double pull looks so cool. And screw farming. lol

  71. Luke Chadwick

    Why is the tier list on the website different to the one in your videos?

  72. Mr. Plague

    Zac top C tier? Dont think so

  73. Ondřej Kratina

    I still dont understand, why is akali in the D tier. I am otp akali and I have to say, that she is massivly op (even with her nerfs). Like how can be fizz or talon in the S tier, they are so easy to outplay. I also dont understand why is Panth in the B tier lol, he should be below D.

  74. Gursharan Clare

    Plz make an Annie guide…I know she’s good but there aren’t any guides that are for us players hat can’t afford playing money for proguides…HELP US!!!

  75. Hades GodOfTheUnderworld

    my poor baby swain… riot games will care one day, i promise.

  76. Ivan Stoilov

    yuumi is not s tier !

  77. Jastin Bieder

    Love playin pantheon right now his early agrresion and the fact that u can play ignite bcs of his r is too nice and also you can kill people with ignite and lvl 2 also his e blocks towershoots garen ult darius und lux ult AND SO FAR this is way to strong

  78. Yaman Sönmez

    QOFD: Jhin because it is fast af

  79. Pokemon Jr.

    Wanna be friends?

  80. Ashit Patel

    Kaisa and jhin : loving the buffs to ADC and Kaisa.

  81. Vicent Yaogai

    I hope they dont nerf mah boi khazix cuz he legit carry me from gold 4 to masters

  82. OzBoeJo

    Ha syndra in mid lane, you mean bottom

  83. Rodney Gong

    QOTD: definitely has to be sett support right now. I’ve been enjoying how easy it is to surprise your opponents by how much cc and dmg he can bring as well as how aggressive he can be without dying a whole lot due to his W. I only picked him up cause I saw him played in the lck recently so I decided to pick him up. Omnistone or aftershock on him as support feels really powerful rn.

  84. tyguy 9

    QOTD: I am in LOVE with Malphite, his ulty is amazing, and his e and w scale with armour????? Thats CRAZY. Literally it is so hard to die as Malphite, disengaging is very easy because of his q, as well as engaging. He is just a CC monster and even if he doesnt do to hot in lane, he is still very very useful in teamfights. And if you are looking for a more damage heavy build, play AP Malphite, his frisbees HURT if you go full AP, as well as more damage from the ulty.

  85. Mad Magical

    Annie gets buffed but not enough to make the tier list for support?

  86. Dado14

    Hey Im a new league editor, I already made 4 videos(on Pantheon, Nunu and Rengar) but i want to get better! Plz give tips (and if you want u migh teven subscribe :P)

  87. NixNix22

    QOTD: love Jax bcs I can teamfight or if my team feeds I can splitpush. Kinda a JAX OF ALL TRADES LMAO kill me

  88. Zed Main

    i waited for this video so i can hear what is your opinion on kaisa ehh unlucky i guess

  89. Stsa

    QOTD: Zoe Bc She Is my main

  90. Honig Son

    our analysts — one guy facerolliing for the tierlist

  91. Regar Is op

    QOTD i like playing mordekaiser i climb to gold with mordekaiser

  92. Ma dude Peter

    I would say zed, when you tryhard and it works, you feel like a god.

  93. Gabriel Bianchin

    QOTD: Anivia, its not the best pick, and youll get destroyed to oblivion by a Fizz, Kass or Azir, and in my case Oriana (just cant play well against her), but is always nice to frustrate the Zed, Yasuo, Talon one tricks with her, forcing someone to waste their Flash on your wall is awesome, and she has a good synergy with Qiana, and Orn

  94. McWalCent

    QOTD: haha jinx w go boom

  95. Gigi Apols

    I wish I have a pc to play on :<

  96. Alexandra Ale

    Linkul la joc te rog!

  97. Håkon holmeset

    Did kayns nerf realy hurt well jes but actualy no

  98. Defi4nc3s1

    QOTD: I love to play Annie and Warwick since their kit might look simple, but has interesting mechanics hidden within.
    Pro Guides Analytists: Annie is not ready for S tier, we will need another patch to see if she can handle it.
    Annie: Am I joke to you?
    Jared: Hold my Panda!

  99. Haezon

    Top Lane : Darius, Fiora, Wukong, Maokai

    Jungle : Graves und Fiddle

    Mid : Fizz, Vlad, Talon

    Bot : Ezreal, Varus

    Support : Leona, Blitz, Senna

  100. Isekai Trash

    Genesis Perez sent me

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